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Gutters Overflowing into Basement Emergency

In emergencies, with water pouring over the gutters and flowing into your basement, and to be safe by not going up on a ladder, you can:

Collect the overflowing water outside instead of bailing it out of your basement:

Keep in mind, someone will need to dump containers or bail them out before they get too full or are too heavy to carry. Be safe to prevent kids from falling into these and drowning. Anyway you look at it, it is better to trap the water in a bucket instead of bailing it out of your basement.

or you can divert the water away from your basement:

  1. Prop sticks, plywood, 2x4's etc up against house to provide support for tarp
  2. temporarily set up tarps over this structure from 5 feet up the wall of the house and then out towards the landscape. Wrap top of tarp around top of plywood, use duct tape etc to keep it up there
  3. dig trenches (as shallow as necessary) in landscape to lead water away from foundation

As long as your landscape slopes away from the house, this will work.


Here are some questions to ask yourself during or after the event is over:

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These two stop-gap measures of collecting the overflowing water or diverting the overflowing water will help protect or prevent more water from going into or flooding your basement.