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By reading this, you consent to use this information at your own risk. Use your head. Be safe. If you cannot be safe, by all means, find someone who can do the job safely.

If water is overflowing your gutters and going into your basement now, see Flooding Basement Emergency Procedures.

DIY - Scoping Out the Job of Gutter Cleaning

To clean gutters, you need to look at the job first:

  1. Are there any power lines around home?
  2. Are gutters one or two stories high?
  3. What size are the gutters? Are they 3,4,5 or 6 inch? Homes tyipcally have 5 inch or residential fascia gutters
  4. What types of gutters do you have. Home owners typically have 5K or fascia guttes (newer homes)
  5. How much space from under the downspout towards the edge of the property do you have to set a ladder?
  6. Are there trees, shrubs etc that will interfere with ladder positioning?
  7. Where are the downspouts and how many do you have?
  8. What is the outside temperature? If it is near freezing, the north/shaded gutters may be frozen. Banging on them with a hammer may cause dents
  9. What type of trees are over the gutters and what is in the gutters?

Writing down your job is the first step in doing it right. Here's a typical write-up:
25 feet of 5K South gutters at 10 feet with nothing overhead. 10 feet around base
25 feet of 5k North gutters at 10 feet with decidious trees overhead.
25 feet of 5k gutter wrapped around porch roof
Downspouts: 1 on SE corner of house, 1 on NE corner of house, 1 on NE corner of porch

Questions to Ask Yourself About Gutter Cleaning

It's good to ask yourself questions now instead of later. These are all questions I've asked myself durin g my years of cleaning out gutters.