Home Maintenance: Roofs, Gutters, Siding and Foundations

Home maintenance involves cleaning and inspection of roofing material, roofing installation, gutters, fascia boards, siding and foundations. Overflowing, damaged and or leaking gutters is the greatest cause of damage to a house. Keep the gutters clean and flowing and the drains clear - and you are leaps and bounds ahead of many home owners with repair bills.

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Roof Maintenance, Inspection and Roof Cleaning

The roof is a critical first defense of a house against weathering. The roof is an "inexpensive" material that absorbs the brunt of weathering from: sun, rain, wind to protect the interior structure and finish materials on the inside of the house. Sheetrock and wood would not stand up long against water, sun and wind.

The roof requires some mainteance from homeowners so it can do its job with longevity. The roof needs to be kept free of debris that would slow the water from running off the roof. The flatter or less steep the slope of the roof, the more important it it so keep the roof clear of debris. Things that cause roof leaks include: punctures by fallen branches, leaves and needles that trap water and moss which grows on the bottom edges of shingles. Also, the sun beating on the roof will eventually cause the tar in the shingle to dry out and crack, letting water through. For concrete tile roofs, the ultraviolet rays will destroy the finish on the concrete tile, cracking the outer finish and allowing the concrete in the tile to absorbe water and slowly feed it out to algae and moss.

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Gutters are necessary in climates with significant rainfall to protect your basement or foundation. Failing to clean gutters is the biggest first and quickest cause of homes deteriorating. Gutter cleaning isn't a fun chore but gutters that allow water to flow to the downspouts are necessary to prevent foundation damage. Foundation damage is often expensive. See Gutters

Gutter cleaning involves safety, extension ladders, ladder-arms, gutter scoop, buckets, a certain body-weight and a good balance. See DIY gutter cleaning


Siding, especially wood siding needs to be kept clean and in many cases sealed, stained or painted to make sure it protects your insulations and walls from sun, wind and rain.


Foundations are a very important structural element in your house. Foundations are the interface between the movable earth and your linear walls, doors, windows and roof. Foundations can be destroyed through settling, erosion, undermining, rot and landslides.