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Dripping Noises and Gutter Systems

Sources of Dripping Noise

  1. Water inside downspout hitting inside it
  2. Water dripping from leaking gutter and hitting something below it

Water dripping inside downspout

The gutter system collects water from the perimeter of the roof and brings it towards the downspouts. So there is a large surface area for collecting water to drip. When it is raining heavily, you usually don't hear a dripping noise. The water is traveling in a stream and clings to the insides of the downspouts. But when the rain lets up and water trickles down the downspouts, it may at some point free fall and then strike the inside of the downspout and create an echo.

There are several solutions to this dripping sound inside of downspouts.
  1. Put something in the downspout that the water can follow so it doesn't free fall: string, cloth ribbon, cable, string, fishing line (may take several pieces) etc.
  2. Build the downspout from a thicker material so it doesn't echo. This dampens the sound.
  3. Make the downspout go sideways so the water always runs along a wall of the downspout. The can affect how it looks, so not typically done.
  4. Put a piece of porous padding where the water strikes. This has a problem of clogging the downspout if debris is going through the downspout.
  5. Sound dampen the downspout by making it out of thicker material or thickening the outside of the downspout where the water strikes.

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