Pulse - Ground Vegetables Used in Curing Cancer

Some people are looking for healing for their body and normalization of body functions. Pulse or ground vegetables have given me a lot of help. Read how I make my own for little cost and effort. I believe that pulse can heal cancer. I have seen pulse stop cancer and heard of people using it to cure their own cancer. I have also seen pulse normalize blood pressure after 9 days when the person had been on blood pressure medication for years. Read more about pulse and curing cancer.

Very Important Update: After running out of garden vegetables for making pulse, I purchased some from the store. The pulse made from store-bought fruit and vegetables didn't have the same "kick" and life to them. Also, I got feedback from other people who had made pulse and didn't notice any benefits to speak of. This puzzled and frustrated me at first. But I found the reason.

I have learned that eating fruits and vegetables to improve wellness depends largely on the soil in which the fruit trees and vegetables were grown. Yes. If it isn't in the soil, then it isn't in the food. The last couple years I have researched this and found a prescribed soil mineral balance and soil amendments that are critical in vegetables.

Amazingly, I also learned that a person (or company) can grown nice-looking produce that will kill a person of a heart attack if continued to be eaten. The reason is that it requires a minimal amount of elements to grow a vegetable, but the person who eats the vegetables needs many more nutrients and in the proper balance. So to get food that will make a person well, a person must grow the fruit trees and produce in mineral-rich and nutrient balanced soil so that the plant contains enough nutrients that a person can live off of. Who would have thought? Evidently just because produce looks and tastes good doesn't mean it is good for you.

The great thing is that plants grown in nutrient rich and balanced soil grow very well and are disease and insect resistant. They taste good when grown and watered and harvested right too.


There are universal principals that affect everybody's health, such as drinking pure water, going to bed on time, regular eating schedules etc. that can benefit practically everyone. I've consolodated the principal items onto a page for review. See wellness

Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is a priority to reducing repair expenses. In the Pacific Northwest ( Washington, Western Oregon and Idaho) where it rains a lot, the gutters need to be kept clean to reduce degradation of your foundation, damage to siding and erosion of the soil around it. Having had a business doing home maintenance for 11 years, I've seen a lot of things that may be of an interest to you. See home maintenance.